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Doug Marrone Holds The Neckties Capable To Cognize The Part

I came across this blog post yesterday and, well, I am officially speechless:

On Thursday nighttime I haved a text message from a friend informing me that Doug Marrone was attending be called the new caput handler at Syracuse. My first idea was how the hellhole maked we permited Skip Holtz and Turner Gill get forth from us. My following idea was to name my daddy, a womb-to-tomb fan and the ground I root for the Orange.

I've read the whole thing a couple times now and I can't quite grasp what's going on.  Is it old-timey talk?  Is it some kind of hybrid new-old language?  I am so confused.  And intrigued.

But who is better fitted to sell possible recruits on the thought of playing in Syracuse than a former Syracuse participant? I consider him turning upwards in the Northeastward and playing at Syracuse is the difference between Marrone and Greg Robinson. Robinson holded no neckties to this country. He maked n't cognise the high handlers in the part and he was not able to make the neckties with those handlers that are needed to win in enrol. I believe Marrone cognizes plenty about the part, and holds the passionateness to carry recruits to come here.

That's what I've been saying!  You can't win football games with the proper regional neckties.  I could not have been more clear about this.

Is it attending be a tough route? Absolutely. Will he involve equally much lot as he makes acquirement in order to turn the plan about? Course. But I believe he can make love.

That's either really deep or really creepy.  I have an idea which way I'm leaning but I'm still thinking about it.