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When You Think Of Germany, Think Of Donte Greene

When you think of Germany, what do you think of?  Streudel?  Sauerkraut?  Schnitzengruben

See, I think of Donte Greene.  A young man who embodies everything that is good about Germany (nothing bad has ever happened there!  GOT IT???).  And that's why I'm excited to see Donte Greene represent his country proud by playing for the Germans in the next Euro Championship:

Beautiful day. I'm taking my son 2get his passport. Going 2 Germany in a couple months. I'm think'n bout playn for the German national team.

Which once again proves my old theory, Germans Love Donte Greene.  Actually Donte was born in Munich, Germany when his mother worked for the NSA.  Intrigue!

The tournament is set for September and will be played in Poland.  I just hope that Donte stays away from the many vices that Germany can offer.  It's women are a salacious bunch, able to turn any virile man into wet sauerkraut in their hands.

H/T: Jameson