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Great Friday

Syracuse needs to keep winning to maintain it's status as the 3-seed in the NCAA Tournament or possibly move back up to the 2-seed.  The Albany Great Danes need a win in order just have a chance to make the NCAA Tournament.  Tonight's match-up between the two at 7pm in the Dome has as much riding on it as any game in the brief rivalry...inasmuch as this can be considered a rivalry I suppose.

"I'm sure we're going to bring the best out in everybody," SU head coach John Desko said. "You don't walk into the Carrier Dome and not bring your best lacrosse game. Given where they are in their conference, a win against Syracuse would really help their cause."

Desko will get no argument from Marr.

"It is a huge game," the ninth-year head coach said. "A win would put us right back in the hunt for an at-large bid."

Speaking of games played inside the Dome, how come the Carrier Dome isn't hosting one of these fancified all-day lacrosse events like the Big City Classic?  You've got tons of talented lacrosse teams located within 2 hours of Syracuse, think of the possibilities.  Dave Rahme did the other day and Inside Lacrosse, who put on the Big City Classic, is going to explore the option.  Yay Dave.

How bout:

  • 12pm - Cortland vs. RIT
  • 3pm - Marist vs. Binghamton
  • 6pm - Albany vs. Colgate
  • 9pm - Syracuse vs. Cornell

Maybe you even plug an Onondaga Community College game in there somewhere if you need to fill space.  Central NY lax fans will come out for that. 

By the way, check out that column by Rahme, where a bitter Cornell fan complains about his inability to listen to the Cornell alma mater at the Cornell-Cuse game. 

Constantly throughout the stoppages the PA system had to blare out loud music. This they did whether our band was playing or not. Most of us had a hard time hearing our own band. They also put our band down in front at the edge of our fans. At most hockey games that I go to the band is behind the fans so it can be heard by all. Also the PA system has the courtesy to alternate with the band if they do not have their own band. If there are two bands and except at specific times such as when the teams come out, each allows the other to play without overplaying them. The height of this discourtesy was when we could not even hear our own Alma Mater being played.

I'm 65% sure Andy Bernard wrote this.