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  • Doug Marrone talks Greg Paulus (hasn't talked to him), Ryan Nassib (throwing well), Mike Williams (having issues) and more...The Axeman
  • Orange fans, back away from the ledge...Superman Wears Rob Long Underoos
  • The 2009 Cuse Awards are coming to the Landmark
  • Of course Katie Rowan is a Tweaaraton Trophy
  • Now we know why Calhoun made so many texts and phone calls, he's hooked up...RealClearSports
  • The Big East-affiliated Meineke (sans Car Care) Bowl will now be played on December 26th...ESPN
  • ESPN's Blog Buzz segment fails miserably...The Sporting Blog

Greg Paulus talks about football and his reasons for wanting to play:

And it's about time we check in with Ryan Powell and see what he's up to: