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The Only Kind Of Oklahoma We Like In Syracuse... the drill kind:

Donnie Webb's Orange Football Report: The Oklahoma Drill

Such a potty mouth, that Doug Marrone.   Couple news and note from around the footballosphere:

Art Jones' rehab is coming along nicely.  Fantastic news for everyone.  Especially Art Jones.

"Arthur Jones rehabilitation has focused on range-of-motion and toning exercises, as well as working on cardiovascular fitness," said Tim Neal, Syracuse’s assistant athletics director for sports medicine. "All has gone well at this point in his rehabilitation. Jones has resumed running and will be progressing in his rehabilitation through the spring and summer to build on strength and to enhance sport specific function. The next scheduled update will be provided at the start of pre-season camp in August."

I've been meaning to work on my sports specific function as well.  Maybe this is the motivation I needed.  I'll make my sports specific function function for me for once!

Greg Paulus may have been offered a scholarship by Michigan but he hasn't exactly accepted yet.  Could it be because he's doing some last minute checking with Syracuse to see if they're interested? 

"We are very aware of the situation regarding Greg Paulus," Marrone said. "NCAA rules prohibit us from talking further about him because he is considered a recruit."

Who's recruit?  Our recruit?  A recruit?  Who's on first?  Donnie Webb warns us to be careful what we read into that statement.  But this is the Internet, we don't do careful.  Commence freaking out...