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Goodbye David Legree, Hello Greg Paulus?

"I love Syracuse," he said. "I lived there a long time and it's home. There's been some interest and it's something I'm looking at."

That's Greg Paulus who is looking for a place to play quarterback this season.  On paper, it's perfect fit.  Paulus is from Syracuse where he made his reputation as a great QB and the Orange have an untested redshirt freshman currently at the helm. 

But in practice...not so much.  Too much faith in Paulus being as good now as he was back then, three years removed from playing a competitive football game.  Not to mention the lost effort already put in by Ryan Nassib and the delay to his maturation at the future of SU.

So who is reaching out to Paulus from Syracuse?  According to Donnie one.

A Syracuse source said Tuesday there had been no contact by Paulus to the Orange football program. CBA head coach Joe Casamento was spotted at Syracuse's practice on Wednesday, though he told Donna earlier this week he was unaware of any plans by Greg Paulus, his former player.

Is Paulus just talking about things he overheard as "interest?"  Did he read Bud Poliquin's column and run with that?  Either way, I have a feeling this isn't a road Doug Marrone will want to travel down.  Too gimmicky.

Speaking of guys interested in being our starting quarterback but who cannot be, David Legree has made his choice of transfer school.  He's going to Hampton where he'll be able to play immediately.  Legree will finish the semester at Syracuse and then transfer in the fall.  For his sake I hope he doesn't run into Coach Marrone on campus in the meantime, as he landed a parting shot in the article:

"New coaches want new things," Legree said. "I don't want to say they were trying to get rid of the old players, but they want what they feel is going to lead them in the right direction. At that time I felt like I had been waiting around too long, and I wanted to make something happen."

Hopefully Legree knows Hampton has a decent incumbent quarterback already at Hampton and he might not get any more playing time there than he would have at SU.  Otherwise, he might be doing this all over again next year.

Update:  Paulus has been invited to join the Wolverines, apparently.  So, moot point.  Thanks 'belle.