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For Those About To Handle The Rock...We Salute You

I wonder if Jim Boeheim has heard that Jonny Flynn signed with an agent yet.  If not, I don't want to be in the room when he turns on ESPNews today.

Life is going on for the Orange basketball players still in school.  They spent the day yesterday doing what they would normally do, playing basketball.  Jonny Flynn and Paul Harris were on hand as well for some pick-up.  For Flynn, it's all behind him now but what about Harris?  He still has yet to make a definitive move.  In the meantime, Boeheim wants the air cleared about the whole official statement fiasco:

Harris, Boeheim said, told him he intended to test his professional draft stock. He had been home in Niagara Falls until his return to SU this week and had not kept in touch with SU coaches. Harris' decision to sort through his options, Boeheim said, was not the result of rumored conversations between the two. Boeheim said he never told Harris his minutes would diminish nor that he would lose his starting position next season.

"Nobody told him he was forced out or would have less playing time," said Boeheim.

For the rest of the team, they're saying all the right things.  Nothing has changed, just gotta work hard and keep our heads down.  And hope is high for next season, with or without the trio:

"We're definitely going to be a great team if they come back, but even if they leave, I still feel like we're going to be a good team," forward Kris Joseph said. "We're losing something, but at the same time, we're gaining a lot. We get Scoop and Wes back, plus the freshmen, so we'll still be a good team."

"The good thing about us is we've got a team that's pretty loaded," Onuaku said. "Even if those guys leave, we've got replacements coming in and we've got guys who have been playing from the jump who have been contributing."

One note of caution, Arinze Onuaku was on crutches yesterday.  Turns out he had surgery this week to clean out the knee that bothered him during the season.  He'll be on crutches for another couple weeks and he should be back to normal within 1-2 months.