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And Like That...He's Gone

Throughout this very brief but very depressing Jonny Flynn-goes-pro ordeal, Ryan Miller has been the go-to source for current and correct information and the only one with a direct line to Jonny.  That direct line has led to an exclusive interview with Flynn, who has officially inked a deal with Leon Rose and will go pro.  The full interview is yet to come but Miller posts a small tidbit:

"I hope the fans can understand where I'm coming from. It was a hard decision but hopefully fans won't have a bad feeling whenever Jonny Flynn's name is brought up. I loved college basketball and loved representing the city of Syracuse."

At this point I think we've all accepted this was happening (except for Boeheim).  What concerns me know is...Jonny's been a pro for a couple hours and he's already using the third person?  Slow down, young fella.  Look for the rest of the interview tomorrow at The Orange Segment.

Bye, Jonny.