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Greg Paulus To...Syracuse?

As you've heard by now, Duke guard and former Syracuse-area Christian Brothers Academy star Greg Paulus is trying to make it as a quarterback.  With a year of eligibility remaining and the sitting-out-one-year transfer rule seemingly not applying to him (yay NCAA!), he's met with Rich Rodriguez over at Michigan to see about being their quarterback next season. 

Bud Poliquin remembers Greg from his days at CBA, looks at the current state of Syracuse football and wonders...why isn't Syracuse in the mix for Paulus?

The only question is fairly obvious: How is it that Michigan beat SU to the punch here? Lord knows, the Orange not only needs a quarterback, but a reason for fans to purchase tickets. And in Paulus, one of our town's all-time signature athletes, it would have gotten both -- player and attraction. Still could, I suppose.

And all after being raised in our town (as among the most well-mannered of young men), breathing our air, drinking our water. We should, then, be more than a little proud of this, our native son.

Yes, Greg did breathe our air and drink our water?  Then we offered him a scholarship.  You know what happened?  He spurned us for Duke.  DUKE?!? Honestly, we should send him a bill.

Bud likens it to a carnival attraction of sorts and that's exactly what it would be.  Not to mention it would be at the expense of Ryan Nassib's on-the-job training.  Thanks but no thanks, we'll stick with the guys who wanted to come play at Syracuse University.  I'm sure he's a wonderful, well-mannered guy but we're in no position to take a chance on a guy who hasn't touched a football in four years.