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Take It Easy, Rutgers. You've Earned It.

Rutgers had a bit of disappointing season last year.  They were able to creep into a bowl game only after climbing a monumental mountain caused by a 1-5 start.  The Scarlet Knights want to ensure that won't happen again and they're doing the only thing they know how...creating the weakest schedule in the history of college football:

According to a report by Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle, FCS program Texas Southern is set to play the Scarlet Knights in Piscataway this season. Texas Southern would be the second FCS school on Rutgers' schedule, along with Howard.

Two 1-AA schools on the schedule, huh? Didn't realize Greg Schiano trained under Bill Snyder.

So if that's the case, here's Rutgers 2009 non-conference schedule:

  • Howard (1-AA, 1-10)
  • Texas Southern (1-AA, 4-8)
  • Florida International (5-7)
  • Army (3-9)
  • Maryland (8-5)

I love that they're not just playing two 1-AA teams but they're playing two BAD 1-AA teams.  Suddenly, playing Maine doesn't look so shabby.

Remember all of this when Syracuse grinds out a couple wins against a schedule that includes three Big Ten teams and Rutgers wins 8-9 games with...that.