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Jimmy B Is Out Of The Loop

Speaking yesterday in Chicago, Boeheim made those comments about how Jonny Flynn's decision is still up in the air and he may return to Syracuse after all.  Something tells me Jim just hasn't gotten the memo yet.  Cause according to WIVB in Buffalo, Flynn is signing with Leon Rose today:

Flynn is set to sign with agent Leon Rose on Wednesday.  Rose is the agent for several NBA stars including Lebron James.  Flynn met with James in Cleveland on April 6th, before deciding to sign with Rose.

F LeBron.  Seriously.  LeBron James has etched his place on the tablet where we house the Great Enemies of the Orange State, next to Doug Gottlieb and John Thompson.  Once you're on it, you can never be removed.

So what's the Jimmy talking out of his butt?  Or is Jonny going to have one of those moments where he's about to sign the contract but changes his mind at the last minute when he discovers the priceless rubies that were in his pocket all along, Goonies-style?  I think that's very possible.

Also, there's the Paul Harris conundrum.  He says he never signed off on the SU press release while Jimmy says Paul said as much after the Oklahoma game.  As the confusion lingers over this one, it's worth considering...did Paul (and Devo) get pushed out?  Maybe it's not as purposeful as this guy makes it out to be, but perhaps the press release was Jimmy's way of saying "we left the door open for you but it's time to close it."

Oh and Jim also said this at the event yesterday:

"We have some good guys coming back, we're OK for next year"

OK?  We've BEEN OK.  We wanted to be great, at least for a year.  Harrumph.