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If We Have To Suffer, So Does Everyone Else

Just in case you feel like the only girl at the dance without a partner, take comfort in the knowledge that we're just one of many Big East programs losing underclassmen stars.

Hasheem Thabeet is leaving early over at UConn.  Pitt's DeJuan Blair is going pro and has already hired an attorney and a "marketing representative."  Georgetown didn't have a great year and DaJuan Summers' decision to leave early doesn't help matters.  DePaul's season was even less impressive but that won't stop Dar Tucker from leaving early from there.  There's even a rumor that Orange-killer Scottie Reynolds could be leaving Villanova early, thank the lord.

Then again, this all just makes me sadder, knowing just how much Jonny Flynn could dominate the Big East next year.  Forget I mentioned anything...