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Syracuse Basketball Needs A Publicist

If you're one of the many folks who have badmouthed Jonny on his Facebook page, well, you might want to hit delete on that.  At least, Jim Boeheim thinks so...Jim told ESPN The AP today that Flynn's status is "still up in the air." 

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim says Big East tournament MVP Jonny Flynn might not be headed to the NBA along with teammates Eric Devendorf and Paul Harris.

Boeheim said Flynn's status is "kind of up in the air."

The coach said Devendorf and Harris are virtual locks to leave, but Flynn might still opt to come back to school.

Pitch the tent and erect the trapeze because the circus is officially in town.

Alright so let me see if I have this straight...

Flynn, who is on record as saying he will hire an agent later this week, might still come back to SU.  Meanwhile, Harris, who said today that he never told SU he was leaving, is a virtual lock to leave?  I've begun to appreciate the cone of silence currently encasing Eric Devendorf.

Either Jimmy B is still vacationing in a locale where the news is 3 days behind us or this situation is officially FUBAR. 


From here on out, nothing will surprise me.  If a week from now Jonny Flynn is going pro, Eric Devendorf is staying and Paul Harris is our new starting quarterback, I will accept this as truth.

Seriously...stay nearby.   Next crazy announcement could come at any time.

H/T: Brandon & orangecuse