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Just Thinking Out Loud Here...

We know that Jonny Flynn is going pro and we know that Leon Rose is going to be his agent.

We also know that LeBron James and Jonny became friendly at James' Summer Camp last year.

And we know that James was openly courting Flynn to go pro on behalf of Rose as recently as a couple weeks ago.

Then we know that in all liklihood James is going to leave the Cavaliers and head to New York to become a Knick. (Don't argue with me, it's true and you know it)

And we know that the Knicks would move heaven, Earth and Staten Island to ensure that LeBron comes to New York.

And we also know the Knicks are likely going to end up with a lottery pick in the 6-10 range.

So based on what we you think LeBron James is telling the Knicks through back-channels that if they draft Jonny Flynn, it would go a long way towards him making a decision to come play for them in 2010, especially since he's now a Leon Rose client?  And therefore, Jonny Flynn is going pro because he pretty much knows that one way or another he's going to end up in New York as a Knick?  Especially since there's no way he slips to the 2nd round so the Knicks will have to use their 1st-round lottery pick on him?

Just thinking out loud here...