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It's Still Better Than Thud Drills

Doug Marrone likes the way things are moving for SU football.  Still, he's not quite ready yet to unleash the full power of the Deathstar, if you know what I mean. (And if you do, you're a giant dork).  Marrone said on Friday that the SU Spring Game this Saturday will not a full-on game but rather a "controlled scrimmage."  It begs the question...what the hell is a controlled scrimmage?

"My thoughts on the future for the spring game will be a game, kind of like it was when I played. We'll split up sides and have a game. It comes into play well for us this year obviously with only two quarterbacks, so we'll have a controlled scrimmage, much like you've seen here (during Friday's practice). We're working on a point system so we can have ... a winner and a loser, I guess you could say, when you play."

As long as we're keeping score and there's some semblance of an actual football game taking place, I'm cool.  Marrone said the game "will not be less than 72 plays and not more than 125."  Who's taking bets?

Most importantly, when will they announce who the house band is going to be this year?  Luna Halo is probably still available...just a hunch.

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