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Lots Of Employment Options Out There, Fellas

Putting aside Jonny Flynn for a second, is it fair to really say that Eric Devendorf and Paul Harris have declared for the NBA?  Rather, isn't it just that they've declared to go pro?  Let's be real...neither of them are in a position to be drafted, let alone make an impact in pre-draft workouts and summer leagues.  Devo doesn't have enough on-the-court ability to overcome his off-the-court persona and Harris just hasn't developed into the player he's supposed to be yet.  At best they're both looking at time in the NBDL or another pro league.  And to be honest, is that so bad?

Ryan Blackwell, Otis Hill, Gerry McNamara, Elvir Ovcina, Josh Pace and Matt Gorman (MATT GORMAN!!!)...they've all found successful employment overseas one time or another and many of them continue to play even now.  And it's not just Europe.  My man Otis played is Israel, Pace did well in New Zealand and Blackwell put up big numbers in Japan.

What I'm saying is, both of these guys will be able to make a living playing basketball for a long time if they choose to.  As long as they're flexible about where they end up.  Like, say, the Phillipines.

Yes, thanks to reader Eric Dievendorf (no, that is not a typo), I've learned of the wonders of the Phillipine Basketball Association, a place where they're not as strict about the meshing of corporate sponsors and team merchandise.  As an example, here's some of the teams involved:

Tigers_medium Titans_medium Untitled_medium Giants_medium

Why yes, there is a team called the Texters sponsored by a texting company.  And yes again, there's also a team called the Realtors sponsored by a reality company.  Synergy.

Not a lot of familiar faces on those rosters.  Then again, not a lot of smiling faces either.  Seriously, I dare you to find one smiling person in this league.  It's unpossible.


Not a problem for Devo but I can see where this would cause issues for Paul.  And since we are talking about Southeast Asia, I shudder to think what the penalty might be for smiling.  On second thought Paul, look elsewhere for employment.  Devo, there might not be a better suited league out there for you.

H/T: Eric D.