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David Legree Will Be Seeing You

"The opportunity has never been so clear for me. We've got new coaches. Everybody started from a clean slate. It's time for everybody to step up. Everybody knows that people played, that didn't get the opportunity, felt like now is the time to show them. That's what I feel I'm going to do."

That was David Legree last week explaining his decision to return to the Syracuse football team.  The sophomore was third on the depth chart at the time behind Cam Dantley and Andrew Robinson and the heir apparant when both seniors graduate.

A lot changes in a week.  After Ryan Nassib leapfrogged him to the top of the depth chart, Legree remained at #3 but now he was behind a player with more eligibility than him.  Ergo, his chance to become starter one day was diminishing daily. 

Rumors were abound this morning that Legree had once again decided to leave the team but, given that it's April 1st, it's the one day of the year where unwarranted Internet rumors are actually viewed with any skepticism.  Unfortuntely, thanks to Donnie Webb and Matt Gelb, who are both at practice today, it looks like it's the truth.

Donnie, you're first:

QB David Legree is not at practice. I'm told he has left the team.

Matt, you go:

Looks like David Legree has left the house. Only Nassib and Dantley remain.


Robinson remains at TE. We will see if Marrone makes another move with only two QBs left.

Well then.  First, as far as Legree goes, I can understand why he'd be frustrated by the situation.  But c'mon now, surely we've all seen how quickly situations can change in college football.  Who's to say Nassib doesn't play himself out of the starting job by opening week?  What about injuries?  Second chances?  To take a decision in April and to base your long-term decision on that is crazy.  So unless there's some behind-the-scenes issues we're not privy to, bad form David. 

Much more to come on this, including what I'm sure is going to be a very terse, very snide comment by Doug Marrone about the situation.  Does Andrew Robinson go back to QB now, knowing that he's still #3 on the depth chart if he does?  And what of Charley Loeb? Let the "fun" continue...

Update: Just in case you needed confirmation, Legree is officially wiped clean from the official roster.