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Get Jonny A Dinghy Cause He's Testing The Waters

Depending on whether you're a glass half-full or glass half-empty kind of person, Andy Katz's story this morning on Jim Boeheim's recommendation that Jonny Flynn test the NBA Draft waters could be seen as horrifying or somewhat reassuring:

Boeheim said late Tuesday night that he is going to recommend that Flynn put his name in the draft by the April 30 deadline, go through a few workouts and get a true read on his status.

"He'd have to be top 10," Boeheim said. "He came in and wants to stay and I do think he'll come back unless he's fairly high."

There's something reassuring about it in a way.  No one is burying their heads in the sand to the reality of the situation.  Right now Jonny probably is a first-round pick.  But next year he could be a top ten pick for sure.  Why risk pulling a Donte when you know you could do so much better next year.  Especially if, as Andy points out, Jonny really wants to come back next year and compete for a national title.

Andy also mention this non-scoop scoop:

There is a chance that juniors Paul Harris and Eric Devendorf may not return to the team for their senior seasons, according to a source close to the situation.

So a source says that it's possibly possible? Does that even qualify as a scoop?  Can I say that a source close to the situation says there's a chance that Eric Devendorf is actually a Cylon?  Cause I think it's true.