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This Ones For You, Rahme

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While live-tweeting the Syracuse-Hobart lacrosse game last week, P-S writer Dave Rahme looked around at the many Hobart students in the building and the empty SU student section seats and opined:

"From a student standpoint, this is a Hobart home game. SU students should be embarrassed."

Well Dave, don't say the kids aren't trying.  Next Tuesday night the Syracuse-Cornell lacrosse game is also STX SU Student Night.

Syracuse University will team up with lacrosse equipment manufacturer STX to sponsor "STX SU Student Night" on Tuesday, April 7. The first 500 students in attendance for the 7 p.m. Syracuse-Cornell men’s lacrosse game at the Carrier Dome will receive a free STX lanyard.

In addition, two SU students will be selected to participate in the "Dress Like The Orange Contest" for a chance to win an STX fiddle stick set. There will also be a halftime shootout where two more students will compete to win great prize packs.

What the hell is a fiddle stick set, you ask?  (Well, I ask.)  It's like a mini-lacrosse set with a mini-goal, mini-sticks and a soft lacrosse ball.  I can see no way that setting this up in your dorm room alongside a case of MGD can result in anything less than the greatest night ever.

Other prizes for the evening include a chance to participate in an SU-student halftime shootout and after every goal STV shirts will be tossed into the student section. The point I'm trying to make is that if you come away from this evening without owning a piece of STX-branded clothing, you weren't trying.

All of this is besides the fact that the game itself should be one of the best of the year.  SU is currently #2 in the nation and Cornell is #4.  The lacrosse season is starting to take on one of those "anything can happen any given night" feelings so STX-giveaways aside, you should probably be there anyway.

For Dave's sake, at least.

H/T: Adam M.

Update: Rahme posted about the event too but he's still not pleased - "Too bad the school needs to use promotions to get the students out to support a team that has won 10 national titles and is in the hunt for another one this season."