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OrangeTube 4/1

The latest and greatest Syracuse-related stuff from the YouTubes.  First up, this isn't exactly SU-related but you gotta hear the end-of-the-game call from the 7-OT Virginia-Maryland lacrosse game.  It's from WINA 1070, the This guy probably still hasn't gotten his voice back:

An Eric Devendorf highlight reel.  Why do I get the feeling Devo has this song on endless loop on his iPod?

Maybe we couldn't beat Blake Griffin but we can take comfort in knowing he injured himself on a dumb play during the game:

Finally, the season finale of Kenny's 2 Pennies.  Is it weird that I got a little misty-eyed at the end?  Damn the Hulk closing-credits music...

I might go camp out at Dewey's on Third until August just to make sure I still get my Kenny fix every week.