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One Move Too Many?

Doug Marrone has made some bold moves in his short time as head coach of the Syracuse football team.  He moved halfback Doug Hogue to linebacker and former starting quarterback Andrew Robinson to tight end.  He even announced that untested redshirt freshman Ryan Nassib would be the starting qaurterback over incumbent senior Cam Dantley. 

With that final decision it seemed as though Marrone had all of the pieces in place as he wanted them. 

It seemed...

Apparently Marrone wasn't as pleased with Nassib as we thought.  Last night, Marrone announced that sophomore halfback Antwon Bailey has been moved to quarterback and is considered the new #1 quarterback on the depth chart.  As much as Nassib's ascension was a shock, this one is, well, off the charts.

"I looked at each individual on their own merits and make my decisions based on what is in the best interest of Syracuse football. Ryan is a talented young quarterback but at this point in time I feel like Antwon is in a position to compete at quarterback as well."

I guess, Dougie.  I'm all for shaking things up.  But this...this is...crazy.  Right? Have we seen anything from Bailey that says he can quarterback a football team?  Was he even a quarterback in high school? Color me concerned.

The full article is here, more to come as the day progresses.