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Arinze Onuaku's Confidence Is No Longer An Issue

You know how in sports movies, the tough-love coach is always willing to scratch, claw, fight, yell, attack and bully a player into finally overcoming the personal issue that's holding them back until eventually the player does it and then the player and coach share one of those weird moments where they look at each other and the player smiles and slightly nods in appreciation while the coach smiles and gives him the "understood, son...understood" look and then they go back to the game?

Yeah...Jim Boeheim doesn't work like that:

"They're just gonna foul [Arinze] and put him on the line. We can't play him in the last four minutes in a two-point game because they're just gonna try to foul him. And he literally can not make a foul shot now, so he has to come out of the game."

We're not talking theoreticals anymore, folks.  He literally can't make a foul shot.  He's already used all of them up, apparently.

This bodes well...

H/T: Girsch!