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Syracuse Football Has Questions

Over at ESPN's Big East Blog, Brian Bennet has been doing a running series on the pre-season status of each football  team's positions.  Depending on how good or prepared the players at each position are, you might get a ranking of anywhere from "feeling great" to "feeling pretty good" to "some questions" to "big questions".  The farther down you are, the worse off you (presumedly) are going into 2009. 

With expectations and hope high for the Orange in 2009, I thought it might be good for the soul to see just how ready and able SU look's to be at each position:

Quarterbacks - Some Questions

Receivers - Some Questions

Running Backs - Big Questions

Kickers - Big Questions

Offensive Line - Some Questions

Defensive Line - Big Questions

Linebackers - Big Questions

Defensive Backs - Some Questions

What the...that wasn't good for my soul at all!  That was so NOT good for my soul. Thanks a lot, Bennett.  Soul-crusher...