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Quentin Hillsman Has A Passion For Fashion

We noted the other day that Women's Basketball coach Quentin Hillsman is a man unafraid to take risks when it comes to his gameday fashion.  Lest we underestimate just what a fashion maven the man is, came to the rescue today with this video, which has a truly fantastic first ten seconds:

Stylin with Coach Q

Oh and this:

He hopes to offer his style to the public after his coaching career is over.

I will say it's nice to have at least one head coach that can share a headline with the words "snappy dressing catches attention."  Jimmy B certainly has his own style as well, although snappy isn't the word-that-begins-with-s that comes to mind.  Check out Coach Q stylin' it in this photo gallery and start socking away money now so you can be the first to own Designs By Q clothing when it becomes available.