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Book Your November Travel Plans Now

Last year the Orange spent the bulk of October away from the Dome.  This year, it looks like November is the month of choice for going away.  The official schedule is upon us...

Sept. 5, Minnesota
Sept. 12, at Penn State
Sept. 19, Northwestern
Sept. 26, Maine
Oct. 3, South Florida (Homecoming)
Oct. 10, West Virginia
Oct. 17, Open
Oct. 24, Akron (Family weekend)
Oct. 31, Cincinnati
Nov. 7, at Pittsburgh
Nov. 14, at Louisville
Nov. 21, Rutgers
Nov. 28, at Connecticut

Only one road game before November.  That seems...wrong.  Yet so right.

It's going to be a tale of two seasons with six games on each side of the bye week.  First half certainly looks more daunting than the second half.  If the Orange can come out of the first half at 2-4, I think we'll take it (for now).

USF for Homecoming.  Yikes.  Akron for Family Weekend.  Better.

Love the idea of UConn as the last game of the season.  Feels like that's how it should be moving forward.  Having Cincy there just made it feel random.  UConn is quickly becoming a rival and I have a feeling that's going to be a meaningful game for both teams very soon, if not this season.

Assuming the Orange improve somewhat this season, three very winnable games to close the season.  Of course, it's March so that statement has no real weight.  But overall, I think it's an optimal schedule for the rebuilding Orange.

Brian Bennett has lots of Big East-at-large scheduling tidbits, including all of the nationally-broadcast games scheduled.