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Dick Vermeil Thinks Greg Robinson Is The Bee's Knees

Oh Dick Vermeil, your loyalty is second only to your capacity to cry on cue.  Tell us why we're wrong about your former padawan learner Greg Robinson:

"Greg is so optimistic about what he can do [at Michigan]," .

Let me guess, he's sat you down explain his "17 Principles of Fightin' the Fight ideology."

"He's always been one of the best coaches I've known but he didn't have enough players at Syracuse and he really didn't have enough at Kansas City with me. But give him time and recruit some tremendous athletes, which Michigan can do, and he'll be very, very successful.

Guys, how many times do we have to go over this.  It's not Greg's fault he couldn't recruit.  It's the players faults for not being five-star Blue Chippers.  They should have tried genetically-harder.  A**holes.

(Seriously though, didn't Dick just hit the nail on the head?  He's a great coach only when he has great players?!?!?  That's not a great coach, Dick!!!)

"His practices are as good as any I've ever seen. He was having a great time with those kids, and those kids were having fun, but they were also working their butts off. It's a tremendous atmosphere to learn in because you never feel you're at work."

10-37, Dick.  10-37.  Just...stop.

"I don't know the head coach [Rich Rod], I don't know how he works with his assistants but I think it would be wise to include a man as polished and as knowledgeable as Greg in everything he does."

Rich, can we interest you in a little something we like to call "The Pistol???"

"But when I saw him last year, I really saw him in his element. He's a never-ending source of motivation, a never-ending source of energy."

Last year?  THAT'S his element?  His element blows.