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I Couldn't Spend More Than A Few Weeks In Nebraska Either

Ah, David Oku.  We've shared so much together.  We were excited to see you on campus.  We got butterflies in our tummy when you started considering us for realsies.  We got giddy when you eliminated Tennessee.  We hoped you would make a decision, even if it was just at the mall.  We were confused by your move to Lincoln. Then we weren't.  We pretty much wrote you off but still clung to the hope that you could bring your secretive style up north.

But in the end, you went back to where you started and signed with Tennessee.  The circle is complete.

The Great David Oku Recruiting Mystery Tour is over.

He's signed with Tennessee. The prep running back who delayed his decision past national signing day, and then moved from an Oklahoma high school to a Nebraska high school, and who visited Auburn three times, stuck with the school he originally committed to a long time ago.

David, on behalf of Syracuse fans everywhere, I'd love to tell you how we feel about all of this but we haven't made a decision just yet.  We're going to take our time with this and we'll let you know when we're ready to say something.  : )

H/T: blackknight76