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So Who's Gone?

We know that Dashonte Riley is coming to Syracuse next year.

We also know that, at the moment, that means Syracuse has more player committed than scholarships available.  Here's next year's roster-to-date:

Seniors: Paul Harris, Eric Devendorf, Arinze Onuaku, Andy Rautins

Juniors: Jonny Flynn, Rick Jackson, Sean Williams, Wes Johnson

Sophomores:Kris Joseph, Mookie Jones, Scoop Jardine

Freshmen: Brandon Triche, James Sutherland, Dashonte Riley

So the question is...who's out?  Tons of scenarios to choose from.  Here's your choices, from least appealing to most:

  • Jonny Flynn is going pro.
  • Eric Devendorf is going pro.
  • James Sutherland, who has not signed his Letter of Intent yet, decides to go elsewhere. (H/T: Jameson)
  • Sean Williams is transferring.

Williams is looking like the odd man out, with too many good players ahead of him to garner more playing time and multiple big men coming in that are likely to surpass him.  As for the first two options...let's bury our heads in the sand for the moment.