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Check Your Closets, Demetris

I've officially filled my Demetris Nichols quota for the year but here's one more for you.  Honestly, not sure how we missed these videos from November but I'm kinda glad we did.  Knicks' blog Posting and Toasting was checking into their new player Demetris when they came across the creepiest, stalkerist video I've seen in a long time

Every time I've seen a video like this in a movie someone ends up locked in a basement with a plate of dog food as their only form of sustenance. Although to be fair, that's still a step up from the Iowa Energy cafeteria.

The video's creepy enough but that's before you read the video description, which is thus:



There's also a companion video entitled Demetris Nichols/Tyrus Thomas Going To Hard Rock Cafe which actually sounds like the title of a delightful short story.  But the video is...not so much.  And that's before you read the description:


Thank God for the "off."