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On Your Marq, Get Set...Hate.

Need a good reason to hate on Saturday's opponent, Marquette?  Here's a great one:

"He's, like, the man of basketball."

No, he's, like, not.  He's, like, really really not.

At 10-7 in the conference, the Orange can't catch the 12-5 Golden Eagles, but they can still make some moves in the seedings with a win.  The Orange are in a three-way tie with Providence and West Virginia for the #6-#8 seeds and if it all started today the Orange would be the # 7 seed awaiting the winner of the #10 Notre Dame vs. #15 Rutgers game.

But if Providence loses to Villanova (very possible) and the Orange beat Marquette, they will take the #6 seed (SU owns the West Virginia, who plays Louisville this weekend).  Card Chronicle has a rough sketch of what things look like for the moment but will undoubtedly change from soon.

Marquette isn't done playing for seeding either.  Their loss to Pitt last night (their third in a row) means they're in a tie with Nova for the #4/#5 seed.  Considering the #4 gets a two-round bye and the #5 only gets a one-round bye, it's kinda important.  No doubt they will be missing Dominic James something fierce.

Let the shaking out continue.  And hey, DePaul and glad you guys will be able to join us in NYC.  I'm sure it will be well worth it...