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What Kind Of Font Is That? Silian Rail?

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Tremendous find by the Three Idiots on Sports who troll eBay for hidden Syracuse gems the way I troll YouTube for videos of Kenny Haas.  Yessir, you could very well be the proud owner of a signed Greg Robinson Syracuse business card!


What's so great about it is that it not only has the old Syracuse logo on it but also the old helmet design, both of which were replaced before Greg's first season.  I fully believe that he was still using these cards up until November '08.  According to the auction, the card "is guaranteed to be 100% authentic or your money back."  I'd love to meet the person who's actually going to try and prove that.

Currently no bids, you guys.  Tell you friend who went to Michigan to make an investment.  Who could be worth dozens and dozens of cents one day.  And worst case, you can take it to your next business card trading party.