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D-Knick, Take II

Last week we heard Demetris Nichols got a tryout from the Knicks only to be turned away and sent back to the cornfields of Iowa.  Well, turns out it was less a no-thank-you and more of a give-us-a-sec. 

According to D-League blog Ridiculous Upside, Demetris will sign a ten-day contract with the Knicks as soon as today and could be in uniform just as quickly.

I've got word tonight from his agent that he is on his way to New York.  It sounds like D'Antoni wanted to get the guys he had acquired via trade into some sort of rotation before bringing Nichols aboard, so that issue is apparently figured out..

Nichols has been a monster for the Energy in 11 games this season.  He's averaging 20.5 PPG and 4.7 RPG.  He's been doing it consistently to boot, scored over 20 points in his last five games.

For Demetris, it's a second chance at what could have been.  Originally drafted by the Blazers, Nichols was trade immediately to the Knicks under the impression that he would play right away.  Unfortunately, then-coach and GM Isiah Thomas had other ideas, namely sending Demetris to Europe, and they parted ways.  From there on out, it's been a series of locations and rental furniture for Nichols as he moved between the NBA and NBDL.

Hopefully, this time it sticks.