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Paul Harris Is The Decider

There are three very big unknowns when it comes to who is going pro early after this season.  Well, scratch that...there's only two very big unknowns...Jonny Flynn and Eric Devendorf.  Cause Paul Harris done made his mind up.  He's staying:

From Paul's lips to God's ears:

"I'm here, man," Harris said Tuesday. "I came this far. Might as well stick it out. I was never looking to go anywhere anyways. It's the media that says that."

Mike & Donna also throw out an interesting theory about Paul's decision to stay:

The theory this year, according to the whispers, is that Harris would not be inclined to stay if Jonny Flynn, his buddy and former Niagara Falls High School teammate, chooses to enter the NBA Draft this June.

Let's hope that's true.  These guys are just getting started.