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We'll Be Playing In The Enlyten Dome By 2011

This one slipped past me the first time around but linked to a seemingly inconsequential press release for a product called Enlyten today.  It was the announcement that Shaq is their new spokesman.  But within the release was this little nugget-o-plenty:

Shaq's endorsement of Enlyten's products comes just after it was reported in the New York Times that Syracuse University's basketball team was being given Enlyten electrolyte strips by its trainer to help replenish the players' electrolytes and assist in their hydration in their recent 6-overtime win over the University of Connecticut.

Who/what/when?  The article in question was Pete Thamel's final wrap of the epic© game when he mention that the SU trainers happened to have some Enlyten handy for just such an occassion:

The Syracuse trainer Brad Pike had a difficult task to keep his players hydrated. He mixed the players’ Gatorade with an electrolyte additive called Gatorlytes and gave them something called Enlyten, which look like those minty breath strips. Players pressed them in their checks to help them hydrate.

I swung by the Enlyten website to see what all the hub-bub is about and to pay my respects to the wonderdrug.  I learned that Enlyten strips are "formulated with some of the most scientifically proven antioxidant properties in the world" which sounds awesome in a nondescript, vague way.  That's kind of a running vibe through the whole website, especially the executive bios

Instead of noting actual experiences, we learn things like how the CEO "has extensive entrepreneurial experience along with a deeply ingrained philosophy of practicality, innovation and common sense."  Oh, good.  He's also built  "seven businesses in the last 14 years" which may or may not be a good thing if you think about it.

Bit I'm not here to bash Enlyten, I'm here to praise it.  It's wondrous, magical powers are directly responsible for Syracuse's victory over UConn and it should be commended.  Get out there and buy some antioxidant strips, will ya?  Your buccal mucosa ain't gonna deliver itself.