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  • Donnie Webb was on Axe's show to discuss SU football and get pelted by one...The Axeman
  • Jonny Flynn named to Rival's All-American 4th team...Rivals
  • Jonny Flynn's fate is hardly a no-brainer...Buffalo News
  • Syracuse optimistic after strong NCAA run...Sporting News
  • Now it's time to say goodbye to the basketball season...Orange44
  • The official season recap...OrangeHoops
  • Getting antsy and looknig ahead to the 2009-2010 SU b-ball team...Bleacher Report
  • Hakim Warrick is still searching for his
  • Anti-Dave Bing T-shirts rear their ugly head in the Detroit mayorial race...DetNews

When you're sitting down to enjoy your falafel for lunch, beware the Cuse Creeper: