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Know Your Nassib

Admit it, you don't really know a whole hell of a lot about Ryan Nassib, right?  You figured you had at least another 1-2 years to study up on the young man (nh).  Well fear not, I've gone digging through the case files to get us all up to speed on our new savior ASAP:

Pennsylvania means "Penn's Woods"

Ryan hails from tiny Malvern, PA where he attended Malvern Prep High School.  They're kinda good at this whole football thing (coming off a 10-0 season in 2008).  As a junior, Nassib threw for 1,400 yards and 17 touchdowns and followed it up his seniors year with 79 passes for 1,237 yards.  He was named first-team all-league and third team all-city (Philly) while also being named one of the Philadelphia Daily News Players of the Year.  He was rated the 34th best prospect from Pennsylvania in 2007 by SuperPrep.

He's No Angel

Because that would be David Boreanz, also an alum of Malvern Prep.  So is singer-songwriter Jim Croce,  Temple basketball head coach Fran Dunphy and Major League pitcher Ben Davis.

Good Job, Us

You can thank your fellow alumni for steering Ryan towards the Cuse.  Boston College, Michigan State, Pennsylvania State, Wisconsin and Connecticut all showed interest in Nassib but thanks to many friends of the family associated with SU, he leaned towards the Orange. 

Ryan Hearts Ryan

Nassib's idol?  Former Boston College QB and current Atlanta Falcon Matt Ryan.  Hopefully, he's good at emulation as well.

It's In The Blood

Nassib's father, Gil, played football at the University of Delaware and his mother, Mary, played volleyball at Villanova. They bred well.

He's Got Hops

Proof right here...that's him (#16) leaping higher than Greggers.  He's excited and he just can't hide it. 

A Man Of Many Hairstyles

Nassib is a lot like David Beckham...he's a man of impeccable, ever-changing styles.

2hf4gr3s_mediumRp_primary_nassibryanweb_medium Player_nassibryan_08_web_medium 

In high school he sported the dirty flop top (I just made that up).  He gave it a little trip and, dare I say, lightened things up as well.  Upon arrival at SU he went with the obligatory shaved head that many of the players go with.  It's a far cry from the ginger locks of Andrew Robinson, but Ryan's hair moves to the beat of it's own drum.

Sans Any Rib

One of many anagrams for Ryan Nassib, but ultimately the most telling. Who else was sans a rib?   Adam, the first man.  The Alpha.  The One. 

Kneel before him.