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Board The Windows And Lock The Doors

...because Leon Rose, the agent who is apparently courting Jonny Flynn, is coming to Syracuse.  Courtesy of Sports Agents Blog (via the D.O.):

The Syracuse University College of Law Entertainment & Sports Law Society is proud to host famed sports agent, Leon Rose on April 7th at 11:45 a.m. in Room 175 of the School of Law.  Rose is a New Jersey based attorney and represents a number of prominent NBA players including Allen Iverson and LeBron James.  Mr. Rose recently became the head of the Basketball Division at Creative Artists Agency (”CAA”).

As the D.O. Sports Blog noted yesterday, Rose has allegedly been contacting Flynn through LeBron James about...something.  If it's true, it HAS TO BE some kind of violation (awesome).  And the fact that he's going to be in town soon, well, coincidence schmoincidence.

Please, if you see Jonny on April 7th, keep him far, far away from this guy.  Sacrifice yourself for the greater good if you have to.  You will be missed...but not as much as we'd miss Jonny.

Just in case you're wondering, players have until April 26th to declare for the NBA Draft.

H/T: Brandon