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A Final Look Back Before We Look Forward

Before we completely leave Friday's debacle behind, let's get it all out in the open so we can process and move on.  It's a cleansing process.  Heal yourself in the waters of linkage:

  • Reflections on the Syracuse basketball season (great read)...Three Idiots on Sports
  • Licking our wounds...Cuse Country
  • Breaking down the breakdown...CuseOrange
  • Just because it's basketball season it doesn't mean we can't cue the crying child when we need to...Orange44
  • On the big stage of the Sweet Sixteen, mistakes are magnified...Donna Ditota
  • This was the performance we all thought SU wasn't capable of anymore...Brent Axe
  • Life will go on for Syracuse basketball...Bud Poliquin
  • Jimmy B's postgame press

Mike Waters, Bud & Donna talk about the game:

Syracuse at NCAA South Regional, Day 2