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Nassib Is An Anagram For Basins

Think about that for a moment.  What do we keep in basins?   Hope.  That's what we keep in basins. 

There's so few true surprises left in life, so it's somewhat refreshing when you can have a moment like I just did where you exclaim "WHAT?!?!" out loud amongst a group of people who then look at you quizzically.  Reminds you you're alive.  And a tool.

But that's what happened to me when I read that Ryan Nassib is now penciled in as the #1 quarterback on the Syracuse depth chart.  Doug Marrone...mark made.

Nassib was told of the decision by head coach Doug Marrone Monday morning. Cameron Dantley was named the backup and sophomore David Legree was slotted as the No. 3 quarterback.

Andrew Robinson, who started at quarterback for Syracuse in 2007 but lost his job to Dantley after one game last season, is being moved to tight end. The senior had also been competing for the starting job this spring. A source said Marrone told the quarterbacks this morning, then told the rest of the team during a meeting.

Nassib's the starter?  Andrew Robinson is a tight end?  Doug Hogue is a linebacker?  WHAT'S REAL ANYMORE?!?!? 

Nassib has been making an impact all spring and it's been said for a while now (apparently, since no one said this before yesterday) and the starting job has been between Nassib and Dantley.  And of course, now that it's happened, some now say they knew this was coming.  And according to Dave Rahme, why not?

From a timing standpoint the Nassib decision also makes sense. Better to install a new system and invest your energy in a prospect who will be around for a while than a senior, even though Marrone has stressed that this will not be a rebuilding year. It is also nice to have a game-tested player such as Dantley on board to mentor Nassib through the process and be available to come on in relief should Nassib falter.

But what of Andrew?  At one point in his sophomore year it seemed like he was destined to be the best SU quarterback since McNabb.  In a matter of a year he lost his starting job and dropped to the point where the coaches didn't even think it was worthwhile to keep him in the position at all.   Rahme recalls a conversation last year:

I asked one of the assistants last year what exactly the problem was with Andrew and was told bluntly off the record: "He can't throw a spiral." Hard to believe from a player who displayed adequate skills as a first-year starter two years ago and had a depleted receiving corps to work with last season.

So for the record, we now have two former QBs playing tight end.  And I have to say, I'm surprised with the choice of position.  Robinson's a big guy but he's not that big and I've never taken him to be much of a blocker, especially against a 230-pound linebacker charging towards him.  I wonder if this is more of a mercy move than anything else.

We're only on practice #5 so far and this team is changing rapidly.  Hopefully we can keep up.  I'm afraid to step away from my desk for fear that when I return, Delone Carter with be our new left guard.

(Get caught up on Nassib in case you're rusty with this info)