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Wither De-Nike'd Ernie?

When the Ernie Davis Statue Brought To You By Nike was shuffled off its pedestal and sent back to the studio for some touching up in early October, we figured it wouldn't take too long to see him returned to his rightful place on the quad.  Yet, we enter March and the statue is still MIA.  Strange, considering Donnie Webb told us a couple weeks back that the statue is indeed back on campus.  So what's the hold-up?

Don't get me wrong, I've appreciated the statue stand-ins along the way.  I especially like the most current version, a post-modern nod to Ernie's legacy and how it expands ever forward like a cone moving through the traffic of life, if you will.  The question as to whether the statue really was Swooshified on purpose or not will probably never be answered but it would be nice to finally re-plant that sucker and move forward.

And it's the fact that we haven't done it yet that's slightly worrisome.  DOCTOR Gross doesn't do small things.  He goes big or he goes home.  Sometimes he does both of those things, actually.  So I have to imagine that we won't actually see Ernie Davis back up on that stone pedestal until the weekend of the first football game of the season.  After a ceremony.  That's right, expect to have our third "unveiling" of the Ernie Davis statue.  You know, cause the first one and the second one went so well.

Ernie Davis statue unveilings are like Punisher movies.  No matter how many times you try to do it, you just can't seem to do it right.  So instead, just slap him back up there and let's call it