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The Big East Lacrosse Conference Is Going To Be Just Fine

When Syracuse finally relented last year and agreed to join the Big East Lacrosse Conference next season in its inaugural year, concerns were a-plenty.  The Orange would have to replace some long-standing rivalry games with newbies like Providence and St. John's, diluting the strength of schedule.  Besides, was it even a good idea to stuff all these schools together, most of whom have no traditional history together on a lacrosse field?

Well if the season so far is an indication of how things will be in Big East lacrosse, you've got nothing to worry about. For example:

  • Three "Big East" teams are currently ranked (#2 Syracuse, #7 Notre Dame and #12 Georgetown) and a fourth team is knocking on the door (3-0 Villanova).
  • Relative D-1 lacrosse upstart St. John's (3-0) is coming off a program-making win over then-#5 Georgetown.  Proof that no one is going to lay down in the conference.
  • Only two teams having losing records, 0-2 Providence is still just getting their feet under them and 1-3 Rutgers is going through a dry spell.  The overall record of the "Big East" teams is a respectable 13-7.

It won't be the most dominant conference in all the land overnight.  It might not ever be at all.  But Big East lacrosse will be a respectable enterprise when it premieres next year.  And we've still got a long way to go, so this is before any of those teams make the Tourney, Final Four or even win the whole damn thing.