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This Town Deserves A Better Class Of Basketball Team

Hey Memphis. Good get to watch two really good teams to at it tonight in Syracuse and Oklahoma.  Don't worry about that facocta team that usually plays here.  They're um...not around anymore.

The Orange are in Memphis and they're in the final hours of preparation for the biggest Syracuse basketball game in five years.  Thankfully the team wasn't out TOO late on Beale street last night and they'll spend the day getting mentally prepared, which may or may not include barbecue sauce.

That the Orange are playing in Memphis is bit ironic considering how important SU's first trip to town was back in December.  Without Eric Devendorf, the Orange proved they could win out-of-conference, on the road, against a good team and it propelled them into Big East play on a high note. 

"Getting a win like that when you don't have a player like Eric Devendorf does something for the team," SU guard Jonny Flynn said. "After that, we said in our mind we're a good team and we're on the verge of doing a lot of things this season and even in the NCAA Tournament."

With Blake Griffin stepping on to the floor tonight, the Orange are going to need everything and then some out of their big men.  Kristof!'s services will most definitely be appreciated and the big man will do what he can with a sore Achilles' heel.

"I've been treating it every day, a couple times a day, so it's getting better," Ongenaet said. "It's not healthy yet, but I'm definitely playing."

Wild horses...and such.

Previews abound below.  I won't be online but I will be Twittering early on.  I have a feeling the Idiots will be chatting.  And the DO has a man on the street in Memphis all day.  All I will say at this point is, G'Orange and I hope we have a reason to speak with each other before Monday.

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