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  • I'm 183rd in the TNIAAM Pick'M Pool.  How you doing?...Yahoo! Tourney Pick'm
  • Jim Boeheim The Fundraiser is better than Jim Boeheim The Coach...NY Times
  • Doug Marrone and his staff were in schmoozing in Rochester last
  • This weekend's SU-Loyola lacrosse match will be on ESPNU...SU Athletics
  • Demetris Nichols 2nd stint in NY comes to a close...Posting and Toasting (via ryanwk628)
  • SU lacrosse's D is picking up where it left off last season...Dave Rahme
  • Kevin Drew powers the SU lacrosse defense...Dave Rahme
  • Ever wonder how SU books travel in the NCAA Tourney on such short notice?...Mike Waters

More NKOTB, SU T-shirts and syncronized-clapping: