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Starting QB To Be Decided By On-Field Play Or Thunderdome

The smart money is on Cameron Dantley or Andrew Robinson lining up under center against Minnesota for the first snap of the game.  And true, those guys are #1 and #2 on the current depth chart.  And yes, they are the only two QBs currently on the roster with experience starting a game.  And yes, they are the two seniors on the roster. But still...

Maybe it's just a way to light a fire under their asses but Coach Marrone has been abundantly clear so far is saying that the starting QB job, like every position on the team, is up for grabs.  That means sophomore David Legree, freshman Ryan Nassib and even freshman Charley Loeb still has a shot at getting some major PT, or more.

Why, if you were just basing it on yesterday's performances, Ryan Nassib would be your guy

The surprise of the day was Ryan Nassib. The redshirt freshman got his shot with the 1st team offense on Wednesday — Marrone plans to give all QBs this opportunity — and he delivered. Nassib delivers a tight ball. Granted, the conditions were much, much better than what Dantley faced on a frigid practice Monday. But still, Nassib was sharp. He appears to be fairly mobile, completing several passes on the run. His best throw was a thread-the-needle laser to Davis toward the end of practice for a touchdown.

Still a long way to go, but you can be sure that Dougles is in no rush to make a decision:

"I really think I'm going to keep it at the evaluation process until I can get out there and really say where one's better than the other," Marrone said. "I want to gather my information before I start saying, one's ahead of this one or this one's ahead of that and start causing maybe some issues or lack of competition. I want to keep the competition high as long as I can between the four quarterbacks and just see who the best one is during the course of the spring."

May the best man win.  I just hope that Marrone doesn't wait too long to make a decision.  Else it could get ugly.  How ugly?  We might see Cam and Ryan go at it like this:

Do YOU want to clean up after something like that?  Didn't think so.  Not to mention the long-term effects of a crane hook to the eye and what that might do to the loser.