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But More Importantly, What Were They Wearing?

Some photos of the SU team at play popped up over on the Facebook.  Don't worry, no alcoholic drinks, bongs or gambling slips in the periphery.  But there's one photo in particular that has me noting two things:


#1 - Nice to see Scoop staying true to his strip-y roots and not giving in to the white T-shirt peer pressure.

#2 - Exactly where do I get my hands on a Do It All Paul T-shirt!?!?!?

Oh and I just had one other question.  WHO IS LETTING PAUL HARRIS GO OUT IN PUBLIC LIKE THIS?!?!?


Somebody get Tim Gunn on the horn, pay him whatever he wants and make him dress Paul every single morning.  I cannot stress how important an investment this would be.  For Paul, Syracuse, and the children.

H/T: John S.