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  • Doug Marrone is keeping an eye on New York state talent...D&C
  • The good and the bad of each Sweet 16 team (Gottlieb Alert)...ESPN
  • The storyline for each Sweet 16 team...Fox Sports
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Syracuse is back in the building...Daily Orange
  • Brandon Triche named Gatorade's New York
  • Wes Johnson knows the Sooners very well and he's sharing that knowledge...Mike Waters
  • Devendorf is thriving in spite of his "most-hated" label...USA Today
  • Make sure you play Cuse Bingo during the game tomorrow night...Three Idiots
  • Future SU RB Torian Phillips sat down to lunch with former SU star Steve Gregory for some

Otto's not just a pretty face with arms coming out of it.  He works hard for SU:

Finally, Jonny Flynn lets us in on the dark and dirty (clean, actually) secrets of Paul Harris: