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But What About Kris Joseph?

All week it's been "Wahhh...I hate Eric Devendorf" and "Wahhh...I love Jonny Flynn" and I'm so sick of it all!  WHAT ABOUT KRIS JOSEPH?  HUH?  Where's the love and/or hate for Kris? Kris asks for so precious little from form an opinion based on presuppositions and events you weren't privy to and to express said opinion in a public forum.  And the fact that you can't take the time to do's downright disgusting.

Kris is making the rounds to express his concerns over the lack of appreciation.  He's starting with Citrus TV and working his way down.  Wait your turn:

Kris Joseph upset with campus media coverage

By the way, nice CBE Champions T-shirt.  Glad they're getting some mileage out of that.

That video is courtesy of Ryan Miller who spent time with the team in Miami.  Ryan also posted some goofy photos of the team in various states of wackiness.  Check them out and then never again wonder if Kristof! is a cuddler.