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Fulfill Your Dream. Spend The Day With DOCTOR Gross.

You've been waiting five long years for this opportunity...don't let it slip away.

Thanks to noro for posting the news that the SU Charity Sports Auction is coming on April 2nd:

The online portion of the auction to benefit the Golisano Children's Hospital is now online. On April 2nd at the Carrier Dome, join Jim Abbott and the Syracuse Sport Management Club in raising money for this cause. Visit the auction see some items available for bidding at the Dome on that date, or to purchase tickets for only 10 dollars!

You'll have the opportunity to bid on tons of autographed items and collectibles but there's a couple items up for auction that specifically deserve your attention.

A Reno Bighorns T-shirt autographed by Gerry McNamara, Donte Greene and "Damian" Brown - You're damn right that's from me.  And I don't blame them for changing Damone's name, you know, with what's going on.

A day in the booth with PA Announcer Mike Veley - I'm not certain but I think you get to punch him in the arm every time he says "deuce."  Especially during football games.

Spend the day with Coach Mac, including breakfast, sitting in on a game broadcast and meeting Coach Marrone after the game. - Why do I get the feeling that spending the day with Coach Mac would be a lot like spending the day with Ernest Borgnine.  Just a hunch.

Spend the day with Athletic Director DOCTOR Daryl Gross on gameday. - Now...

I don't care how we do this, but one of us HAS TO win this.  HAS TO.  If we have to all pool our resources and send a representative on our behalf, so be it.  If we have to break into the Nakatomi Towers vaults in order to get the money to out-bid someone else, we will.  This is non-negotiable, like a non-negotiable barabond.  THAT non-negotiable. 

Oh and whoever wins HAS TO pepper Gross with questions all day like "so what really happened on the Ernie Davis statue, huh? Can you tell me?  Huh?  Please?  Pretty please?  Sugar on top?  C'mon, Daryl.  C'mon Daryl.  C'mon Daryl.  DAAAAAAAAAAAAAARYL.  DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARYL."


SRSLY though...good causes, you guys.  Get to bidding.