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Legree's Back, Hogue's Staying Put And Williams' Hooks Up

News and notes from football practice...

First up, we know David Legree is currently #3 on the QB depth chart.  But Legree, who left the team at one point last season, almost never made it back onto this season's roster at all.  Donnie spoke with Legree to find out exactly what happened last season and where the heir apparent's head is at now:

"Basically, me and the coaches, we had different opinions about things," Legree said. "It's not much that's needed to be said. Everybody basically can tell what happened. We had different opinions. We all felt like it would be better if we parted ways.

"When they brought in Coach Marrone, a guy from New York City, I'm from New York City, and once we talked on the phone briefly before he got here and we talked when he got here, it was clear as day that I needed to be here."

Legree was one of the players most affected by the renewed tradition of burning last season's shoes.  He certainly has a lot of bad memories he was able to let go of.  Now, he's got a shot to make an impact on the field in 2009.

Legree is currently third on the QB depth chart and over at the RB depth chart, that's the position you'll find Doug Hogue.  For now.  Hogue became something of a glorified blocker last season when Greg Robinson seemingly lost faith in him to carry the ball.  Speculation started that Hogue would soon have to find himself a new position.  Could he move over to fullback where the Orange need depth?  Or what about linebacker where his 6'2" 216 frame could do some damage?  So far...he's still a halfback and that's fine by him:

“I don’t know what the future holds,” Hogue said. “It’s ultimately not my decision. It’s up to the coaches. The coaches are going to do whatever it takes for the team to be successful. As of right now, I’m at the same position. As far as it looks, nothing is going to change.”

Mike Williams continues to get his groove back.  He-who-would-be-king of the SU receiving corp has been making time with incumbent starting QB Cam Dantley to get back on the same page.  Dantley is excited for the opportunity to play with a receiver of his caliber, although I have to admit I'm a little concerned with how close Cam is getting with Mike already.

“To hook up with him a few times today was great.”

Cam,'s spring practice, not spring break.