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  • SU currently 15/1 to win the NCAA Tourney.  I'll take that...Vegas Insider
  • Seth Davis put the Orange in the Elite
  • Q&A with Doug Marrone...Brian Bennett
  • It's a bittersweet reunion Friday for SU assistant Rob Murphy and OU assistant Oronde Taliaferro...D.O. Sports Blog
  • Arinxe, Jonny & Rick talk Sweet
  • As do Andy and Jimmy
  • Bob Brotzki gives us a life of timber buying and log processing to work on Marrone's
  • Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel learned about the 2-3 Zone via Jim Boeheim's VHS tape...NewsOK
  • Blake Griffin's close-knit family keep him grounded...ESPN

Zach at the D.O. is live from SU practice: